mystery · review


Paperback, 352 pages Published May 2nd 2005 by Headline Book Publishing

A naked teenage girl is found dead near the beautiful Byzantine Yoros Castle in Turkey. She has stabbed herself through the heart but there is evidence of bizarre sexual practice. In another part of Istanbul, a young boy seems to have committed suicide in similar circumstances. What dark rituals could have compelled them to fatal self-abuse? Inspectors Cetin Ikmen and Mehmet Suleyman follow an internet trail that leads them to an underworld of Goth nightclubs and Satanic worship. But even those murky shadows hide more than they reveal and the answers to an ever increasing number of suspicious deaths is more shocking and terrible than they could ever have imagined.


This is a crime/mystery book featuring the occult and a lot of sex (too much i’d say and at times pointless too). The seventh in the Inspector Ikmen series (but the only one i have read) but it reads well as a stand alone too. The main characters Inspector Ikmen and Inspector Sulleyman are both likeable, even though sometimes they feel a bit flat. The idea behind the book was good but the execution wasnt very good, it was weak. I knew from early on who the “bad guy” was and when the big revelation took place it was very anti climactic and felt rush.The book had a supernatural aspect which i felt was an unnecessary since in my opinion didnt play a big role in the book, no matter how much the writer wanted to make it a huge part of the book, the gothic elements that are present in the novel were given with a lot of biased intention since most of the people involved in the gothic scene were described as if the writer knew nothing about Gothic culture or used what she has seen on the tv. Some of the secondary characters stories werent finished and we never learned what happen to them which i found rather annoying. The best thing about these book in the location it takes place, Instabul is a wonderful city with plenty of history and multiethnic backround,All in all i enjoyed it, given the fact that it took me several tries get into the book.

Rating: 2.5 Cherries.


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