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When i started reading this book i thought it was all about dead animals coming back to life to haunt and murder those that live close to the ancient indian cemetary but i was wrong,so wrong!This is a book about loss and death and how people deal with it,how they manage to overcome it if they ever do.Stephen King is an amazing writer, the horrors that he writes about arent the monsters he describes but the human nature. He takes human fears,such as losing a child for instance, and creates a shockingly terrifying story that keeps you awake at nights. The main character is so fleshed out, as all of Stephen’s characters he is someone we can relate too. A family man faced with a sadness beyong our grasping, i quite liked him.

Rating: 4 stars


10 thoughts on “PET SEMATARY by STEPHEN KING

  1. This novel touches everyone who felt the loss of a loved one. I found it extremely serious and incredibly interesting! When I finished it, I couldn’t bear not to wonder if those who have felt this kind of loss, they would wish that there was indeed a “Pet Cematary”! ✿

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