I remember everything.
I remember how the sun painted the walls yellow.
I remember how the birds woke us up in the morning with their endless chirping.
I remember running wild, naked, sweating, crazy and jumping into freezing cold water.Salt water, the sand golden like your hair, your eyes the sky.
I remember laughing, rolling in the sand two naked bodies as one.
I remember you.You and me.As one.
I forget how the sky turned grey and the clouds came running at us.
I forget how you tried to cover yourself, madness you yelled.
I forget how you run away, bloody footprints on a black sand.
I am not real, you screamed.I do not exist, not anymoreWAKE UPWAKEUP.
I open my eyes, I can not forget nor can I remember.
The dream is always the same.You live and die, again and again and again.


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