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Month to Month

While taking pictures of my bookshelves and the books that are stored there I came to a harsh realization:I am never going to read all these books.Instantly I felt guilty and stressed.Guilty because I’ve spend hunderds of euros for these books while people starve,literally people are starving,and anxious because I kept thinking about all the books out there I’ll never read.So what did I do?
Firstly I got rid of books I have already read but didn’t quite like.That made me feel good,like cleaning my closet.Then it was time for me to get honest with myself.Will I ever read this book?If the answer was no,I don’t know,perhaps the book was put into a recycled bag and then given to people that might enjoy it.
That is certainly not a long term solution I still have plenty of books I need to either read or give away and I am still buying more (even though I am in a book buying ban),so how do I do this?I decided I’d do what I call the month-to-month reading.
Month-to- month reading goes something like that:You create a monthly TBR list of books and you try to read them all,if you don’t finish all the books in your TBR list you then give it another chance the following month if you don’t get to it even then,you’ll never will.So out of the window!
How does that sound?


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