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Smoke gets in your eyes/Caitlin Doughty


Do dead people freak you out?
Does reading about severed heads,dead babies and bloated corpses make you want to throw up your dinner?
If the answers to both of these questions are yes then this book isn’t for you.Then again it wasn’t for me either but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
A non fiction,semi autobiographical memoir about a young woman’s descent into  the body disposal business.The author, Caitlin Doughty,has a YouTube channel called ‘Ask a mortician’ where she answers questions about death and what happens to the body afterwards.
In an attempt to get people to accept and come to terms with their own mortality she wrote this book,a funny semi informative collection of experiences and historical facts about funeral traditions from around the world.
I didn’t love this book but I did like the fact that for someone that is ridiculously afraid of death and especially the dead the book was deliriously devoured within a few days.So I’d recommend this book to someone that wants to know a few things in a way that feels as if a friend is narrating it.But if you expecting this to be brilliantly written then you’ll be dissapointed,this is mediocre writing but I didn’t particularly  mind since it gave the book an informal feeling.Neither were the chapters beautifully weaven together but there was some awkwardness to them.
All in all this was an enjoyable,as enjoyable as book like this can be,read and I absolutely  recommend this.

3 Stars


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