Bad,bad reader.

I have perhaps the worst reading habits known to man.I bring SHAME to the reading world.
If I was a part of a tribe that were primarily focused on reading books I’d been ostracized by now.Let me demostrate to you with a few examples just what i mean:

OH LOOK A SHINY NEW BOOK: Imagine cracking open a new book,enjoying the fast paced plot,the wonderfully developed characters and the deliciously designed cover.Picture placing a bookmark in order to remember where you stopped reading and putting the book in your bag because you have arrived to the holly grounds.The bookstore with all it’s glory is right in front of you.Twenty minutes later you are outside with a guilty look in your face  and a new (let’s face it probably 2-4 books) shiny book.
You’d think I’ll wait untill i finish the book I’m currently reading.WRONG.When it comes to new books i am like this horrible men that are trading their older wives for younger ones.I AM THE WORST.Usually the previous book remains half read until i pick it up again,sometimes i don’t.

OH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME: I love love LOVE mystery/crime thrillers,most of the books i own belong  to this genre so naturally i am reading tons of detective novels.When a book is good,the mystery perfectly written you get so nervous and excited,you just can’t wait to find just who the bloody murderer is!I have the solution for this,a horrible one.I read the ending.I KNOW WHAT A MESS.I just can’t help myself.I can’t deal with all the stress of not knowing so I decide ill just read a liiiitle bit only to see what happens and i promise to myself I’ll still finish the book (spoiler alert:I don’t).So I end up with a whole list of Jo Nesbo books I’ll never finish,or will I?

OH THIS BOOK IS SO BORING I’D RATHER STARE AT THE WALL:I have no time or energy to read books i don’t like.I do stuff I don’t like,things I even hate,in my every day life.We have jobs where we force ourselves to finish a project etc etc,when it comes to my hobby,the thing that makes me happy and allows me to travel everywhere with just the turn of a page i just want to have a good time.I don’t see why I have to spend days with something that brings me no joy.With no guilty feelings the books that I do not like remain unread and go to book heaven or hell.

This are all of my sinful behaviours regarding books.JUDGE ALL YOU WANT.


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