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The gunslinger (Dark Tower #1)/Stephen King


Stephen king wrote this when he was a young adult,just nineteen,as a series of short stories.Inspired by  Tolkien’s The Lord of the rings trilogy (which is evident by a few plot facts),a poem he had once read and spaghetti westerns he created a high fantasy dystopian novel that is the least Stephen King-esque book I’ve read so far.While the writing is beautiful and intricate,the writer’s youth and inexperience are pretty evident.
From the beginning of this book you are left wondering what the hell is going on,unfortunately you don’t get any wiser as the novel progresses.Our main character is the last gunslinger alive,wandering in the vast empty desert looking for the man in black,his arch enemy.Something must have happened in the world making it a barren place but what that was we don’t get told at all.Nothing gets explained in this book at all which is rather frustrating!
I have been told It gets better in the second book and so on,so hopefully I’ll enjoy the next book a lot more.I didn’t love this book,I am not sure I liked it either but I did buy the second book in the series and I will finish it!
I wouldn’t recommend this book to someone that hasn’t read any Stephen King before,it would scare them away and that would be a shame since he is pretty great!

2.5 Stars


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