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Agatha Christie Book Collection and writers’ corner.

Hello readers of the world!This is my Agatha Christie’s book collection.Most of the books i own are very old.It’s a habit of mine to buy a book of hers when and if I come across one in the used books shops I go to.

My relationship with Christie’s books have always being a loving one.I have fond memories of reading her stories at night lying in bed,in a cold and very small room somewhere in Sheffield.I even remember being somewhat scared from one of her stories!Let’s begin.Shall we?

20150703_201210Εγκλημα στο εξπρες οριαν (Το εχω διαβασει),Ο σατανας με την πλερεζα (Το εχω διαβασει),Ρετρο στην ομιχλη(Δεν το εχω διαβασει).

20150703_201301Sparkling Cyanide (Haven’t read it yet),4.50 From Paddington (Haven’t read it yet)

20150703_201333The murder at the vicarage (Haven’t read it yet), At bertam’s hotel (I have read it)

20150703_202110Endless night (Haven’t read it yet), A pocket full of rye (Haven’t read it yet)

20150703_201353Evil under the sun (Haven’t read it yet),Third Girl (I have read it)

20150703_202156They came to Baghdad (Haven’t read it yet),Curtain (I have read it)

20150703_202141Ordeal by innocence (Haven’t read it yet),Five little pigs (Haven’t read it yet)


⊗Note that most of this books I’ve seen as tv adaptations.


7 thoughts on “Agatha Christie Book Collection and writers’ corner.

      1. If you ever have a good book on your mind, tell me about it, i’m a reader myself , and sometimes i get lost about amazing books to read :p hehe :p I Appreciate the help !! ❤


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