Autumnal TBR list.


Rain.Cold.Brown leaves dancing around to the beat of the wind.Or not.
Summer in Greece will continue until further notice and I couldn’t be more annoyed.All I want is for the temperature to drop,some grey skies and the comfort of my woollen bathrobe.Yes,I am a sixty year old spinster and I LOVE IT.
Now,Autumn is a peculiar season for me.My reading habits usually change,I want to read different books than usual,I either read a lot or not at all and in general I am always feeling somewhat restless.But it is my favourite season and this year many new things begin with it.I am moving house!Yay!And I have absolutely no idea what to do with my books.I have an idea that perhaps packing with me my TBR list for the next months will motivate me a lot more to actually stick to it  (nevah have I ve been faithfull to a reading list!) and finally read the books I want to read..
I thought it over and the books I picked are:
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.I have wanted to read it for a very love time but I have been putting it off all summer.I also want to read The Handmaid’s tale too but I am not in my Kindle mood yet.
Desperation and Dead Zone by none other than mister Stephen King.I have plenty of his to read but these two made it to the list! Also I need to finish IT.
The little friend and Fingersmith  by Sarah Waters,a writer that is new to me.I also have Tipping the velvet  from her,sitting there on my Kindle partially read.
Ovid:The love poems are waiting patiently for my hungry eyes!
These are the ones I really want to read for the next three months but I am pretty sure other books will find their way into my list!I will also post a list of my greek TBR!
What will you read in the following months?


8 thoughts on “Autumnal TBR list.

  1. ‘Alias Grace’ is a great but a bit heavy read – I read it last November I think, but it took me almost the entire month to finish it. It’s totally worth it, though, Atwood is a genius.
    I also have a battered second-hand hardback copy of ‘Fingersmith’ waiting for me in my parents’ house.. Maybe it’ll do for Christmas reading 😉

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  2. I had started the “Buried Giant” by Ishiguro this summer but let it aside to read other books, as it read kind of “autumn book” to me. So back to Ishiguro it is!
    Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!
    (Autumn is my favourite season of the 4 too). Filakia!


  3. Με αυτό το άρθρο συνειδητοποίησα ότι πότε δεν έχω κάνει reading list. Οκ, μπορεί να έχω κάποια βιβλία στο μυαλό μου αλλά ποτέ δεν έκανα λίστα.Πάω και όπου με βγάλει..χαχα
    Μπορώ να σου πω ότι σίγουρα θα διαβασω το Τελευταίο Αίνιγμα από Marisha Pessl που έχω ακούσει καλά λόγια και το Lady Winderemere’s Fan από Oscar Wilde για να ξεσκονίσω λίγο τα Αγγλικά μου :ρ

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    1. Καλα και εγω που κανω, σπανια την κρατω!Αλλα επειδη τωρα μετακομίζω όπου να ναι αυτα θα τα παρω μαζι μου.Αναγκαστικά και μη..Θα τα διαβασω!

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  4. Ωχ είναι τόσα πολλά αυτά που θέλω να διαβάσω ως τα Χριστούγεννα που δε τελειώνω ως αύριο! Έχω 3 ράφια βιβλία να με περιμένουν, το 1/4 αυτών να διαβάσω, ευχαριστημένη θα ‘μαι!

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