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Banned books I have read.

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

I read this a few years back and I really liked it,the first half more than the second though,and I thought it was a fine example of what happens when the goverment start censoring free speech.

The main character is a firefighter,or better a firestarter,since now the firefighters’ profession is to burn books or anything else that might wake people up from the comfortable “sleep”.Books are supposed to make people unhappy,but our main character is unhappy even without them and so when he meets a teenage girl with stars in her eyes he starts questioning everything.

A really good Dystopian that wasn’t excatly banned,which would have being ironic,but it was censored,taking out the words some people thought were worthy of censoring.

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, 1960

We all know this one,while I strongly believe it’s overrated,this book was and still is a modern classic.It’s being read at school for many decades and a lot of people had issues with it.

The main problems some readers had were the blunt descriptions of rape and racial slurs.They also didn’t like the words “damn” and “whore lady”,clearly these people live in paradise.A lot of people thought the description of how blacks were treated in 1920 would upset their kids.

I liked it but I found it to be very..boring.It was too naive for me,of course it is told from a child’s perspective so it is only natural that it’ll give that kind of aura.Either way,I do believe there are better books out there.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

Gatsby loved a woman,and he did everything he could do to win her heart.And in this book we get to have a glipse at how the rich people used to live a few years before the big depression.Some church people didn’t like the language and the sex references,I know horrible,and banned it.But it was taken out of that list and was made into a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

I read this when I was a teen and I really loved it.I also hated Daisy,with a passion.

This are a few of the banned books I’ve read.What banned books have you read?


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